Well the other alternative title for this post was going to be “The mistake you made entering my house” but that wasn’t descriptive enough we thought. We got to take our Kel-Tec KSG to the range the other day for some sighting in, and skeet shooting to break it in.

Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

In short, we like it, an excellent weapon that provides you with 14+1 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun fun. The biggest downside? Do you have any idea how long it takes to load 14 rounds into a shotgun?

The biggest attraction to the KSG besides it’s bullpup design is the fact that it holds 14 rounds in two 7 round tubes built into the gun. This allows you easy access to switch between different types of ammo (buckshot vs slugs) with a flip of the lever and a pump of the shotgun.

It makes an excellent home defense weapon, and law enforcement agencies love it as well due to it’s short bullpup design. The shortness allows easy and quicker clearing of rooms, use in vehicles, and concealment. Combine that with the ability to change ammo types, and you have nearly the perfect shotgun that is still legal length.

However to everything there is a downside… and the KSG has a couple. The first is just simply reloading it… the tubes are built into the body of the KSG and cannot be swapped out without disassembling the gun. Forcing you to reload the KSG one round at a time like a normal pump shotgun. As anyone can guess it takes a good amount of time to reload the KSG, as it holds 7 rounds in each tube. The upside is you can still load it one round at a time. However a combat reload is a bit more difficult due to the bullpup design, as you will need to roll it over and put the rounds in the butt of the rifle. This makes you have to hold the rifle out further and look down more to refill it.

The other downside to the KSG (besides in most states you have to plug it to hunt with it) is that we found the grip needed to be more aggressive, but that is easily fixed with some grip tape on the charging pump.

The Kel-Tec KSG also does not come with any sights, so you will need to purchase your own aftermarket, but with a picatinny rail going down half the length of the gun, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Overall we are happy with the KSG, we will be putting some grip tape on it to get extra grip on it.

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