AR500 Advanced Shooters Cut Ballistic Plate

AR500 Advanced Shooters Cut Ballistic Plate
AR500 Advanced Shooters Cut Ballistic Plate AR500 Advanced Shooters Cut Ballistic Plate AR500 Advanced Shooters Cut Ballistic Plate
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We have AR500 Armor ON REGULAR RESTOCKING quantities are limited and orders are fullfilled first come, first served. Most are fullfilled within 2 weeks.

AR500 Armor Plates are manufactured from NIJ certified ballistic steel plates. Designed to be 10" by 12" these plates will protect vital organs while still allowing manuverability to shoulder your weapon.

With the advanced shooters cut the shoulder is trimmed slightly more to allow a far better fit and shouldering of your rifle. This trimming is minimal and still provides excellent coverage and protection.

Featuring a Line-X Protective base coat to protect the plate as well as reduce spalling and fragmentation from impacts. The coating also provides excellent chemical, wear, and harsh environmental condition resistance. The coating is further enhanced with a hand applied high traction surface to help the plate stay in position inside of a carrier.

Ballistic Rating:

AR500 Armor Trauma Plates are stand alone, multi-hit capable, and bench tested to the same armor rating as Type III. Type III Armor will defeat rifle rounds up to 7.62x51/.308 @ 2780 ft/s.

Recent testing from AR500 provided good results against Federal XM855/SS109 Penetrator Round (Green Tip 5.56). AR500 fired 7 rounds at 15 yards within a 2.5" group and experienced no penetration.

Check out the build up coat in action:

Feature Summary:

  • Advanced Shooters Cut allows operator to comfortably shoulder their rifle.
  • Unlike ceramic plates the AR500 ballistic steel plates are resistant to damage when dropped. Ceramic plates can crack and need to be x-rayed on a periodic basis to insure their integrity for ballistic resistance.
  • 10" x 12" provides maximum coverage allowing mobility while running, bending over and crouching.
  • Multi-Hit capable, the AR500 Armor test plate has over 100 rounds from various calibers
  • Stand-Alone capable and Level III ballistic rated
  • Edges are beveled by hand - Many manufacturers leave sharp edges which will shred your carrier.
  • All AR500 Armor is hand sanded to remove rust and surface contaminants.
  • Not coated through methods of additional heat, this preserves the integrity of the body armor.

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