When you get a new set of sights for your pistol the tricky bit is getting them onto it. A lot of folks will take a hammer and a punch to drift the sights out and to set the new ones in.

While in general the concept works and it gets the job done, some of the flaws are apparent such as marring the finish on the gun or the sights. What might not be so apparent is internal damage to some of the more high end sights such as trijicon or other tritium filled sights. The vials inside of the sight can actually crack or even burst from the pressure and impact of a punch hitting it. The metal on the inside can deform slightly and that can be enough to put a crack in them. Sometimes this is instantly noticeable in that the sight will not glow correctly in the dark, or it might have a significantly dimmer glow than it should.

Going through and getting a sight pushing tool is the ideal solution, however each of these pushing tools are $100 and up, and are usually very specific to each gun model. Universal ones are available but are even more expensive and can start at $350 and more, requiring additional converter parts for each type of firearm as well as type of sights.

That’s why we offer a reasonable fee on replacing the sights on your pistol. If you bring it in to us to get it replaced we just charge you $30. Obviously this does not include the cost of the sights themselves, but it is what we believe to be a reasonable and cost effective price to do something that requires a specialized tool.

Feel free to give us a call, and see what we can do for replacing the sights on your pistol or other gunsmith services that we have to offer.

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