Gun Smith Work
General Shop Services Rate: $60 per hour
For anything that doesn’t fall into a category for defined services we charge per hour. We will give you an estimate for how long we expect it to take and a cost for parts as well for the job.

Gun Cleaning
Our cleaning services are tiered so you can get a level of cleaning dependent on how often you shoot, and how much detail you need.

Enhanced Gun Cleaning: $35 per gun
A complete disassembly is performed and any carbon, dirt, lint, etc are removed from the weapon. Throughout the disassembly and cleaning we inspect for defects and issues that effect the performance and safety of your weapon.

“The Works” Gun Cleaning: $60 per gun
We completely disassemble the weapon, and perform an ultra sonic cleaning to remove built up dirt, grease, oil, etc. as well as normal carbon buildup. As usual we also inspect your weapon for defects and issues that effect the performance and safety of your weapon.

Trigger Jobs: Starting at $60 per gun
We can clean up the matting surfaces of your trigger components to make a smoother trigger pull. Additionally we can lighten the trigger pull using various means, depending on the firearm.Some firearms will require lighter springs, or replacement of components to get a lighter than factory trigger pull and will be an additional price for parts.

Other Services
Bore Sighting: $35 per gun
We do an in house sighting system that allows us to zero your weapon out to 100yrds. We can also sight it out to different ranges with other methods and can zero it out on the field as well.

Barrel Threading: Starting at $60
We thread your barrel based off of the end bore of the weapon to make sure the threads are true to the bore axis. Pricing will vary depending on thickness of barrel, if recrowning is needed, and any additional shop time needed for disassembly or jigs required for securing the action.