Ash Tactical makes all of our knife sheaths custom made to our customer’s demands. Just like our holsters our sheaths are made out of .08 kydex, and tailored to your order. Available in a variety of colors and configurations we can make just about any knife sheath you can desire or even dream of! Knives longer than 12 inches will require additional fees and possibly to be made out of multiple pieces of kydex. Smaller blades are made out of single or two pieces depending on the design you choose.

Ash Tactical Knife Sheath

Custom Kydex Knife Sheaths

Our knife sheaths are custom made for a variety of knives, however people often will send us their knife to have us make a custom sheath for them (please contact us prior to sending us your knife so we can assign you an order number). We make our holsters in two variations, fold over and pancake design. The fold over design uses a single piece of kydex that is folded around your knife, and only has fastening options on one side. The fold over design is more popular with customers who want to minimize the amount of material around the knife. The other option is our pancake design that uses two pieces of kydex and has mounting options on both sides of the knife (as pictured to the left) this allows you to mount the sheath to one of our gun holsters, or other equipment to reduce the number of belt loops needed. All of our knife sheaths come with our wing style loops which pull the holster closer and tighter against you, but other options such as basic belt loops, leather IWB loops, and kydex IWB loops are available.