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AR500 Plates have arrived!

We have finally received our plates from AR500 and will be selling them at $90 per plate. We had to raise the price a little bit to offset the shipping costs for this initial order. If we get enough demand for them we will be lowering the price.

Currently, due to paypal’s strict rules on what they allow to be processed with them we will only be selling the AR500 plates over the phone, and at gun shows.

If you are interested in some plates please contact us either via telephone or our contact form and we will get back in touch with you.

We are still waiting for their carriers to come in at this time.

We have a steady flow of armor coming in now and it is also available for purchase on our website! Get your AR500 Body Armor plates while you can!

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New Armor On The Way

We have recently signed up with AR500 and have an order in for a variety of armor plates. We hope to get them in within the next 4 to 8 weeks, so you should be able to see them at the next Fredericksburg, VA gun show.

Expect to see a couple of full setups, as well as some trauma plates, side plates, and carriers as well.

For those of you not familiar with their products, the AR500 plates are rated at type 3 bullet resistance. They are a steel plate, so for those of us who may only be able to afford one set of plates this is definitely an investment that will pay off as they are far more durable and “reusable” than ceramic plates.

Here is a sample video to show off what you can expect from them:

When we get them in we will post up on our website and facebook page about them.

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2013 Gun Show Schedule

Here is a listing of the 2013 gun shows that we will be attending this year. We will be updating this post as we increase the shows we get access to.

  • Fredericksburg, VA – March 8-10, 2013
  • Winchester, VA – March 16-17, 2013
  • Hampton, VA – March 22-24, 2013
  • Norfolk, VA – April 6-7, 2013
  • Virginia Beach, VA – April 27-28, 2013
  • Doswell, VA – May 3-4, 2013
  • Richmond, VA – May 18-19, 2013
  • Fredericksburg, VA – June 29-30, 2013
  • Richmond, VA – July 6-7, 2013
  • Salem, VA – July 20-21, 2013
  • Chantilly, VA – July 26-28, 2013
  • Hampton, VA – August 3-4, 2013
  • Roanoke, VA – August 17-18, 2013
  • Richmond, VA – August 24-25, 2013
  • Norfolk, VA – September 7-8, 2013
  • Doswell, VA – September 7-8, 2013
  • Fredericksburg, VA – September 14-15, 2013
  • Hampton, VA – September 21-22, 2013
  • Winchester, VA – October 5-6, 2013
  • Virginia Beach, VA – October 12-13, 2013
  • Fredericksburg, VA – October 26-27, 2013
  • Norfolk, VA – November 2-3, 2013
  • Richmond, VA – November 9-10, 2013
  • Hampton, VA – November 30 – December 1, 2013
  • Fredericksburg, VA – December 14-15, 2013

The following are tenative pending availability and not confirmed by the organizers yet

  • Chantilly VA we are waiting for an opening to become available for us to go



The Nation’s Gun Show, Chantilly, VA
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December 2012 Gun Show Schedule

This December (2012) we will be attending our first gun show (as a business) in Fredericksburg VA on the 15th and 16th of the month.

We will be bringing some surplus gear, knives, ALICE packs, and some of our long term food storage solutions as well.

Be sure to stop by our tables and check out what we have to offer, we hope to do well and attend further gun shows with your support.

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2012 Sale

We are offering a 10% discount on all of our items from now until 11/27/2012 when you use the promo code BLACKFRI when you checkout.

Save on survival kits, tools, emergency supplies, food, and much more.

Get your family the gift of preparedness this year!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion code 2012

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Survival Kit & Gear Checklist

Many folks often ask or are looking for a quick basic checklist of gear that they should have in a survival or disaster kit for emergency preparedness. It can be difficult to know what you need to put in it for your first kit.

So we have put together this short list of items you should keep on eye on to make sure you have for any general survival kit.

  • 3 Days worth of food per person (Adults need at least 1200 calories per day)
  • 3 Days worth of water (16 to 32oz of water per person depending on activity levels)
  • Battery or Crank power flashlight and spare batteries for it.
  • Battery of crank power AM/FM radio. An additional HAM or FRS radio would be a great addition
  • Blanket and/or sleeping bag to keep warm during the night or bad weather
  • First aid kit that can take care of basic cuts, more advanced is recommended with gauze pads and medical tape
  • Sanitation, such as hand wipes, soap, toothbrushes, towels, and tissues.
  • A backpack or duffel bag to keep all your survival gear, in the event you need to leave quickly
  • Spare change of clothing for at least one day
  • Important papers and documents, such as insurance information, and identification
  • Physical cash and money, be sure to have a couple dollars in a variety of coins as well as at least $50-$100 in small bills

Those are the bare basics of what you need in a survival kit, for more in-depth information as to why you might want these items you should read our full blog post “Building and customizing a survival kit“.

You can of course purchase a premade 72 hour survival kit from us that includes many of these items already.

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