At Ash Tactical we are also suppliers of several different brands and types of body armor, as well as plate carriers.

DKX Max III Armor


DKX Max III armor is buoyant (it floats), no need to x-ray or worry about the ruggedness of your armor, and it weighs 2 pounds per plate. DKX brings all of these capabilities together in the DKX Max III 10 X 12 Shooter Cut.


Max Pro DBA-IV Personal Body Armor

Max Pro DBA-IV Personal Body Armor

The Max Pro DBA-IV personal body armor is a type 4 rated ballistic plate designed to be stand alone and used within any standard plate carrier. These plates are very popular among police departments and other law enforcement agencies for protecting their staff again higher caliber rounds.


AR500 Curved Advanced Shooters cut ballistic plate

AR500 Steel Plates

AR500 Steel plates are rated as Type 3 stand alone ballistic armor, providing resistance of multiple 7.62×51/.308 at 2780 feet per second. These plates are an excellent option for those who cannot afford the more expensive type 4 armor, or want their armor plates to be more durable and resistant to wear and tear. Unlike ceramic plates the AR500 steel plates do not have issues with cracking or materials aging.


Condor MOPC Multicam Plate Carrier

Soft and Hard Plate Carriers

We carry a wide variety of plate carriers, from Condor to BlackHawk, from simple 2 panel configurations to quick pull release systems. Our goal is to have the best variety and quality of carriers to allow you to choose whatever might meet your mission needs. All of our plate carriers have no ballistic rating until you put either a soft or hard plate inside of them. Additionally we have a variety of MOLLE pouches, gear, and accessories to turn your carrier or vest into the ideal solution.